Conscious Intersectionality: Social Interest Group 


HUMAN RIGHTS -- Wed at 1 pm EST / 11 pm PST

TOXIC MASCULINITY -- Wed at 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST



On Wednesday's we talk about a variety of issues. And all of those issues intersect. Maybe you've got an understanding of what sexism, racism, homo/transphobia, etc is and you're looking to take an even deeper dive into the issues. Or maybe you just want to learn about new topics and their relevence. The Conscious Intersectionality group is a place to de-mystify where, why, and how various systems of oppression intersect and how the lack of acknowledgment of said intersections can render groups of people invisible and denied agency. It's a tricky space to explore because recognizing the presence of intersectionality means we must recognize our blindspots...the blindspots in our understanding of oppression and subsequently, the blindspots in our activism. 

To unpack these blindspots, we must have the difficult conversations that no one else is having. Our discussions will run the gamut of issues with no stone left unturned, messy as it gets. The group is facilitated by Emily LaDouceur, with the goal that both leaders and participants will be given space to share their truths and lived experiences. As we share and challenge each other, we will become more effective and inclusive change agents and better purveyors of humanity in our homes and our communities.

If this sounds like a conversation you should be a part of, we'd love to have you jon the Conscious Intersectionality Social Interest Group! The group will have weekly phone calls, and then stay in touch during the week by email and through our own Facebook group. Together we will forge a path to actual social change.

We are a participatory media company. Here is your chance to participate and create change. 

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