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Sex, Love Etc.
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Sex, Love, and Relationships---like so many other things----are changing in the 21st Century. We'll talk about that change, laugh together, share insights and stories with a group that feels as if it is sitting around a living room together. The group will be open to persons of any sexual orientation, age, gender identity, and relationship status. 

Here are the problems facing modern relationships we’re looking to help you solve: 

(If you are single) How to get more quality dates, and how to be a better date 

How technology has changed dating (If you are dating) 

How to conduct stronger, more intimate, lasting relationships (Whether you are single or dating)

How to manage when love ends.

 Everyone has questions about love, sex, and relationships---and everyone has stories and insights to share. What are the modern dating norms and why do I keep feeling like I'm screwing it up? Is sex what it used to be? How will I know "the one" when I meet them? Heck, how do I meet anyone, "the one," or not? What makes a great long-term relationship and how do you keep the spark and excitement going? What if I don't know what kind of relationship I want? What is this thing called polyamory anyway and how is it different from an open relationship? What should I know about dating while bi, or trans, or interracial dating or anything outside the so-called norms of today? And what stereotypes should we work to get rid of?

NOTE: This group is NOT meant to be a dating service of its own. Nor will we tell you any "pick up" secrets. But it IS for people who want to explore deeply and intimately all that is wonderful and glorious about love, sex, and relationships in the modern-day world. We’re looking to have open, honest, FUN conversations. We’ll discuss the new as well as long-standing issues. Come join us! 

We are a participatory media company. Here is your chance to participate, learn, grow, and create more conscious relationships in your life. 

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