Education: Social Interest Group

The Education Special Interest Group is gathered to discuss the current state of our nation’s education system, how it prepares our children to be members of a productive society and how adults can guide the policies and legislation, both local and federal, towards that end. Here we will challenge ourselves to identify the goals of education in America and to actively contribute towards its improvement. This is, indeed, about our children’s future and their ability and preparedness to engage in their civic duties, promote critical thinking, and provide a growing economy to generations to come. Education issues specific to boys grades K-12 Types of education - homeschooling vs. public vs. private Non-standard methods - mindfulness, gardening, "Pathways"-type programs Banned books, controversies relating to teaching about religions and world religions National and local education policy How parents can be best engaged in their kids education and in local school policies Teacher issues including tenure, performance evaluation and certifications Budgetary and financial issues affecting learning

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